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Locally owned and operated deep cleaning service company based in Canterbury.

In light of the ongoing developments relating to COVID19, Sanitising Solutions would like to reassure you that our primary focus remains ensuring the continued health and wellbeing of customers, staff, contractors, suppliers, their families and friends.

Sanitising Solutions provide Steam and ULV Fogging application of our antiviral cleaning agents for surfaces to eliminate viruses, including COVID19. We operate robust cleaning & hygiene regimes, and maintain effective social distancing throughout our entire process, to reduce unnecessary spread

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Specialised Protection And Sanitising Services For:​

All Public Use
Office Facilities
Vehicle Owners

Now is the time to plan for your Fleet vehicles, Rental property stock, AirBnB, Shared office space, Plant and equipment, Residential common rooms, Classrooms and other high contact areas to be decontaminated with cost effective applications of antiviral cleaning solution.

We use protective equipment, safe operating procedures, advanced cleaning chemicals and methods for thorough deep cleaning.

Sanitising Solutions Process

Specialised protection and sanitising services for all public-use facilities and vehicle owners wanting to take precautionary measures.
Techniques That Are Different From Traditional Cleaning Methods:
Option 1. ULV Fogging
Option 2. Fogging with high touch Surface Wiping.
Option 3. Fogging with Full Environmental surface cleaning

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Amanda and I have been involved in the commercial coating industry for a number of years and are approved applicators for a range of protective coatings. We bring our experience from cleaning and sanitising surfaces prior to application of commercial coatings and understand the complex working environments of operating in live business and commercial premises. We are police vetted operators with a history of integrity in delivery of services.

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– Phil and Amanda Wilkes